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BUCKINGHAM YOGA IS ABOUT ....you...the residents of Buckingham


Your Instructor is Julia :


I have lived in Buckingham 17 years and enjoy meeting so many different people through my teaching.


My work as a Yoga teacher supports every facet of my life; my own personal life and practice, engagement with people in Buckingham  and my work with Children, Adolescents and their Families in the NHS.


The language of the Spiritual philosophies may appear esoteric and sometimes bizzarre, yet the underlying teachings differ little to many Western psychological and often general common sense approaches. Yoga has become an accepted method of managing the strains of physical and mental health. Make it part of your life!


Research supports the practice of yoga, mindfulness & meditation for all ages to live healthy lives. Developing discipline, promoting self enquiry and opening to compassion for the self and others.


Come and experience the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits this practice can bring to everyone.










Q: I am not flexible, can I still do Yoga?

A: Absolutely, Yoga is s much more than flexibility. Yoga is about creating a balance between the mind and the body which releases the tensions, stiffness and resistance that the body hold. Therefore no amount of pulling and tugging will generate flexibility; this is achieved by the nervous system feeling safe to release and 'let go' of contractions. 


Q: What do I wear?

A: Come along in a T shirt, leggings, sweatshirt, bring a drink. We practce in bare feet for safety. If you choose to wear socks try to get those with sole grips 


Q: Do I need a mat?

A: I supply mats, blocksand bolsters but once you have decided you wish to continue it is better to buy your own and then you can practice at home!


Q: Do you chant?

A: Some Types of Yoga base their practice on Chanting and Singing, Bhakti Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga and Kundalini Yoga use this. Many regular classes integrate chanting as it is a very powerful and joyful practice for some. However, I do not include Chanting as part of my teaching, This is not because I do not enjoy it, I simply do not feel that comfortable or confident in teaching it so I stay true to myself and only teach that which I feel congruent with. If a student is wishing to explore this aspect of practice I may be able to signpost them. 






Thank you to all those that regularly attend my classes, that have enjoyed their retreat experiences and support Buckingham Yoga to be what it is.







I started yoga with Julia over 3 months ago and I have noticed a dramatic change in my flexibility. I started doing yoga for my D of E bronze and have continued it even though my course has finished....
When I first came to yoga I was ridiculously inflexible but after only a few weeks I noticed my flexibility improving. When I first started I could not touch my toes and now i can almost put my head between my ankles!
Not only is yoga good for strength, it is also amazing for stress relief. I am in year 10 and I have found that when I am preparing to enter an exam and I am nervous, the breaths i learnt really help me stay calm.
My group are very welcoming and when we can not do a yoga position, we all treat it as a laugh.
......Do not think that only girls can do yoga, boys can do it too!...  Yoga is appropriate for all ages and genders and you could not find a better teacher than Julia. I highly recommend her sessions because they are so enjoyable!
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