TUESDAY'S  8 week Beginner course:


Buckingham Community Centre, Cornwalls Meadow carpark, Buckingham, MK181RR


Beginners course dates 27th Feb - 24th April from 7:30 -9pm



 WEDNESDAY'S  Weekly Drop-in classes


 Lace Hill Community Centre, Catchpin Street,  Buckingham, MK187RR


Hatha Flow (reasonable fitness)     7pm - 8:05pm 

YIN Yoga (suitable for beginner's)   8:15 - 9:30pm



Buckingham Community Centre Tuesday 7:30-9pm

8 week beginner course :


Buckingham Community Centre

Tuesday's : 7:30 - 9pm.


The course will be suitable for the absolute beginner and any student wishing to return to yoga after a break period.


The 8 week course will follow the 8 limbs of yoga (see what is yoga?). Each sequential limb as the theme for that class. Throughout all 8 classes it is paramount to ensuring safe and steady holistic practice.


Developing alignment in the body when holding physical postures, modifying for individual needs.


Developing an understanding of basic yogic breathing techniques and exploring mindful practices.


An introduction to meditative approaches and deep relaxation with an understanding into the foundations and philosophies of Yoga.




Hatha Flow         Wed7pm  Lacehill Community Centre.  

Vinyasa & Hatha Flow Classes:


These classes vary between styles of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and somewhere in-between...Hatha flow!


Vinyasa flow is fluid sequence of postures 'flowing' from one into the other generating heat in the body, building strength, endurance, flexibility and a strong focus.



Hatha Yoga involves holding poses for longer and the pace is a little slower. 

When the two styles are combined they offer a strong practice with full range of movement at all levels.


A theme is often integrated within the class which will steer the focus of the practice.


These classes will leave you energised yet tension free.


Explore your potential at Buckingham-Yoga for an empowered body and mind.




 Yin Yoga (Beg' suitable) Wed 8:15pm  Lacehill Community Centre. 

Weds 8:15pm Lace Hill:


Enjoy and opportunity to unwind, ease out and rejuvenate.

Suitable for beginners.


A yielding yoga practice using supportive props during prolonged holding of poses to achieve a therapeutic nourishing and deep release.


Combined with energizing breath-work (Pranayama) you are guided towards mindful awareness of body sensations, ending with a meditative Yoga Nidra.


Yoga Nidra is translated as Yogic sleep.

Beyond dream state you enter a state of wakeful consciousness yet the brain is operating as if in deep sleep (Delta brain waves).


This practice can support recovery, boost immunity, soothe the nervous system, aid sleep and induce deep relaxation.


 Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra all offer opportunity to mindfully connect to the body, deepen and explore awareness of ‘self’ and ‘being’within a safe space.




The Benefits of yoga practice are why you'll love your practice.

Yoga Improves...
Your flexibility, strength, fitness and stamina developing greater body awareness, alignment and posture.

Enhance balance, concentration and focus; enabling relaxation and sleep.

Lift and energize your mood, body image and develop wider social connections.

Yoga can improve breathing control and enhance sport performance.


Proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, muscle tension, weight, depression and anxiety.

Support self development and settle the mind.

Address imbalances from poor posture, slouching, driving, computer work and sports e.g. tight hamstrings, back or neck pain.


 - BWY Qualified Instructor

 - Full insurance

 - First Aid Certificate

 - Enhanced DBS clearance

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