Why Practice Yoga?

Practicing Yoga or Meditation can both help you move towards a more restful mind.

Practicing move can facilitate a more balanced journey. Sitting for extended periods requires a loose and comfortable body.

Yoga can enable you to develop ease, flexibility, tone, strength and stamina. Mindful pracice raises awareness of the more subtle habits that cause poor alignment, posture and behaviours; continued practice enables  you to recognise these for yourself and gently create space in your mind and body towards a healthier you.


Enhance balance, concentration and focus; enabling relaxation and sleep.

Lift and energize your mood whilst developing wider social connections.

Yoga can improve breathing control and enhance sports performance.


Proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, muscle tension, weight, depression and anxiety.

Support self development and settle the mind.

Address imbalances from poor posture, slouching, driving, computer work and sports e.g. tight hamstrings, back or neck pain.


Your Teacher holds:

 - BWY Diploma Qualified Instructor 

 - Full insurance

 - First Aid Certificate

 - Enhanced DBS clearance

More About Yoga

Hatha Yoga was be practiced as preparation for higher states of consciousness - originally through meditation.


Yoga aims to create balace between the felt-self and the neuro-motor self; balance within the Autonomic nervous system, biomechanical and biochemical systems.


Achieving a 'higher state of consciousness' may feel like a tall order; but integrating Mindfulness with the physical asanas/poses and breath-work is not so daunting. 

So this is the focus of my classes. While the theories of Yoga underpin the practice the experience aims to be one of exploration.

Exploring the natural patterns of your breath, body and mind as you move ...or sit through the practice. It your choice whether you increase ease or challenge.

Keep it light, fun and safe.




Class Times

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